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Regularly Sponsor a Child's Education

You can support the future by choosing to sponsor a child in their pursuit of education.  

You can also write letters and communicate with the child you choose to sponsor! 


Corporate Sponsorship

The generosity of your business can make an immense difference in the life of someone who will then go on to better an entire community! All corporate sponsorship will be recognized with gratitude on our website. 

Give a One-Time Donation

You can make a single donation here that will support our mission!


Sponsor our Library

Whether providing help to just one child or donating for the needs of an entire school, there is so much good just a little support can accomplish! 


Join our team and help to grow this Nonprofit, as we work for the most vulnerable in our communities! 



The library is a reading center for everyone in the community! Reading material is provided, as well as comfortable space to study. Computers are provided for those who are enrolled in our computer education program. A qualified teacher is engaged to assist the students.

Click here for a video tour of our wonderful center!

Three teachers are also engaged to teach younger students.

Click here to view a lesson!

Not only are the youth of the community assisted, but their parents and guardians receive support through trainings and conferences on a variety of subjects, including crisis management, safety tips, time management, the importance of developing a reading culture.

Click here to view an interview with the village leader on the importance of the center to the community.

Drama Club

It is striking to note the marvelous talents and imagination of these children after reading story books. With very few directives, they have produced short dramas exposing the dangers of children not going to school and the importance of going back to class.

Marveled by this, the association is working with one lady, an expert in theatre arts, to follow up these children and support their talents. Click here to view their latest production!


Some of the children in the program who relocated to safer towns are being followed up and they are enrolled in schools and their fees paid. The problem here is that fees in the South are higher than what we pay here. We are however happy they are studying.

Parent Education

The association continues to work with parents to let them know that despite all that is happening, they have a primary obligation to let their children continue to love to study by encouraging them at home to read books and to collaborate with the teachers. We strongly believe parents are a key partner in the education of their children and must be made aware of this. We give them talks during our weekly meetings and we are happy they are interested and collaborating. Other workshops and talks will be arranged when the library is complete.


Ave Maria Help for Needy member with parents and children in government primary school Kwanso.

The coordinator  with parents and beneficiaries in Government Primary School Nkwanso- Jakiri SubDivision.

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